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Issue 07:05:03 - May 21, 2007

Profile of the 1957 Pontiac

The 1957 Pontiac Star Chief models were available in several models: the convertible, the four-door custom sedan, the four-door De Luxe Sedan, the two-door Catalina, and the four-door Catalina. The power assist and accessories packages guaranteed the utmost in driving pleasure.

Cool comfort was assured with the Year-Round Air Conditioning unit, and with the power steering, power brakes, power seats and power windows, buyers were provided with easy access control. The Pontiac accessory groups were custom tailored and factory direct to the buyer’s specifications.

Interior elegance

One could appreciate the incomparable, exclusive, regal elegance and blends of color, chrome and sculptured steel on the outside. The inside featured spacious custom comfort and high fashion expressed in the finest leather, fabrics and fittings.

Every feature and facet was with watch-work precision for the greatest response, softest ride, and infinite handling ease. The car offered luxurious door-to-door carpeting, a distinctive design for the instrument panel, and a Safety Scoop Steering wheel. Also, the new Speed-Line speedometer was available.

Pontiac’s accessory groups

The accessory groups were split into several different packages so buyers could custom order their Pontiac for this year. Some wanted more luxury features, some wanted more comfort, and some wanted more safety features. No matter what their needs or wants, they could choose a package to their liking and to fit their budget. Outlined below are the groups of accessories and what’s included in each.

Basic group of accessories

The Basic group included an under-seat heater and defroster, De Luxe Radio with a manual antenna, front latex foam cushion seats, an Oil-Bath air cleaner, and a Full Flow oil filter.

Basic De Luxe group of accessories

The Basic De Luxe Group included an under-seat heater and defroster, Hi-Fi dual rear speakers (not available with convertibles or Safari models), the De Luxe Electromatic Wonder Bar Radio and electric antenna, front Custom Lounge Latex Foam cushion seats, Oil-Bath air cleaner, and a Full Flow oil filter.

Lamp group of accessories

The Lamp Group consisted of back-up lights, a glove compartment light, luggage and utility lights (under-the-hood and utility lights available on Safari models), ash tray lights (included an RH ashtray on Chieftain models), and a parking brake warning light.

Mirror group of accessories

The Mirror Group included outside rear view mirrors, an inside non-glare tilt mirror, and a visor vanity mirror. These mirrors gave improved visibility for easier driving, lane-changing, and overall safety on the highway.

Strato Streak V-8 engine

Consumers could experience the 270-horsepower Star Streak V-8 engine in the Star Chief and Super Chief series, or the 252-horsepower Star Streak V-8 engine in the Chieftain for increased performance, endurance, and fuel efficiency.

The engine came with an Ultra-Smooth Strato Flight Hydra-Matic transmission, which provided the smoothest and highest performance in energy efficiency.

Engineering advancements for 1957

Buyers could experience the Exclusive “Level-Line” cloud-soft ride with the newly refined chassis, which combined and included a rugged X member frame, vertical kingpin front suspension, wide-stance rear-suspension, new rear springs, full-length rear spring liners, a new differential and carrier assembly, and section 14-inch tires. These advancements helped produce the ultimate in comfort, stability, and easy handling in a durable, safe automobile.

1957 Pontiac color choices

Color choices for 1957 were many. There were 68 exterior color combinations for the De Luxe four-door sedan and convertible or 19 color combinations for other models, including solids and two-tone color choices.

Color options included Carib Coral and Sheffield Gray, Fontaine Blue and Kenya Ivory, Silver Beige and Charcoal Gray, or Cordova Red and Kenya Ivory. Interior color options also included Limefire and Seacrest Green.

There were several reasons buyers loved these cars. The Pontiac Super Chief with the Strato Streak V-8 engine was a big, brawny, powerful automobile with rugged agility and a highly fashionable style with the Star Flight contours and brilliant new colors available. The Pontiac Super Chief now had a new, sleek, styled hood emblem. The flared rear section showed the glamorous Star Flight trim styling.

Star Chief Custom Safari Station Wagons

Wagon choices this year included the Star Chief Custom Safari, the two-door Chieftain Safari, the Super Chief Safari, or the four-door Chieftain Safari. Each offered the ultimate in riding comfort, easy handling, smooth flowing power, plus the convenience of space for up to nine passengers or a half-ton load in the Chieftain Safari.

In the Chieftain four-door Safari, the second seat folded down for access to the rear seat. It also had a removable rear seat. In the two-door Safari, the same interior arrangement applied as in the Super Chief four-door except the front seat folded for easy access to the rear seat.

With the four model choices, consumers were able to choose from a variety of 19 solid or two-tone color combinations when buying a Star Chief Safari or 68 colors for the Super Chief and Chieftain models. The Star Chief two-door Safari was available with rich, durable, hand-buffed all-leather seats. The interior upholstery was of the finest-patterned, grained, vinyl-coated fabric finish.

Standard equipment for 1957

Standard equipment for the Star Chief and Super Chief models included a newly-engineered designed Safety-Scoop steering wheel with a checkered gold plastic emblem and beautiful upholstery with seats covered in durable, smooth Morrokide, which were all two tone interiors color-keyed to perfectly match with the exterior colors. The Super Chief had a stylish functional instrument panel, easy to reach controls and easy to see instrument locations.

For 1957, Pontiac offered models that met the consumers’ personal needs and desires at affordable prices. Even today, these models are loved by many classic car enthusiasts for their elegant, yet simple styling and added features.


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